Vestre fjordpark

Vestre Fjord Park

By placing the new house on the embankment between the fjord and fjord bath we create a new ” point of view” where the experience of the proximity between the Fjord and the  Fjord bath is coherent for the users.

The rampart is narrowed so the water gets closer to the house on both sides. The rampart is in this way turn in to a isthmus, which forms the transition between the two waterscapes.

The house on the Isthmus is broken up into smaller units which are pulled apart. This produces outdoor spaces in close connection with the indoor spaces which support fjord activities. The buildings are placed so that they shield its users from the west wind that so relentlessly characterize the area.

By placing the house on the Isthmus a greater focus on water activities is created. We create transitions between water and land that make it easy for the different user groups using the water. The water is present no matter where you are and you are reminded of why you are exactly here.