Danske handicaporganisationers hus

The new office building show that it is possible to build accessible, equitable and at a competitive price at the same time. The building was designed for users with disabilities, since many of the new daily users themselves have some kind of disability. Also therefore it has been crucial that the building was built and designed in a way so that everyone – regardless of disability – can work and move freely around the building without difficulty, and without feeling different. This will ensure both accessibility and equality.

The whole building is designed with accessibility solutions, but you do not see it immediately, because the solutions are considered from the beginning and are integrated into the architecture and design. This applies to:


  • Atrium, which is 5-angular rather than round, so the blind can orient themselves
  • Colors that makes it easier to find your way around the building
  • The front desk, built in two heights, so wheelchair users also have easy access
  • Handrails, where discrete knobs indicate floor and location signage, developed both with colors, letters and exalted font, so also partially sighted people can find their way around
  • Guide lines on the floor, making it easier to navigate door handles, specially designed so those with arthritis and muscular dystrophy can operate them
  • Power, which is in contrast to the walls, so also partially sighted can see them
  • Perforated railings, so wheelchair users also can sense the room
  • A special fire system and evacuation plan to ensure that the lifts also operate in emergency situations.